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Photographing Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone

Getting this shot left me exhausted and sunburned.

As we were driving along the road towards the east entrance to Yellowstone there were a couple cars pulled over with a ranger. As anyone who has been to Yellowstone knows one of the easiest ways to spot wildlife is to spot pulled over cars. After pulling over and walking up the road a bit we were greeted by this site.

Two sleepy grizzly bears in yellowstone

Amazing to watch, but not the most photographically amazing view.

Waiting was made easier and more frustrating by them getting up and moving into denser shrubs for their nap. After a two hour wait they finally really started moving. The crowd quickly swelled as they came into sight. After a few minutes the bears unperturbed by the crowd started moving towards the road.

The grizzly bear mother quickly making her way towards the road

One of the first shots from this sighting that I was excited about as soon as I pressed the shutter.

As the young bear started to cross the road it became curious about the camera gear that had been left as people made way for the bears.

Tripods make for a great bear chew toy

Tripods make for a great bear chew toy

As soon the bears crossed the road I knew the shot was going to need both bears and the charred trees to give a sense of palce. Moving quickly to avoid all the trees in the way I captured this moment of Both bears interacting beautifully with the downed trees, suddenly all the waiting was worth it.

Two grizzly bears standing on burned down trees

I was so excited to capture this shot that captured these two bears in the environment they live in!

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